Office Expense Charges for Tenants

Service   Monthly Cost Items Included in Price

Office Rent 12x12 back offices $435 per month Reception of clients
Utilities (except phone)
Break room
Conference room
Waiting room
Copy/supply room
  10x12 front offices $370 per month
  7x10 cubicle space $ 85 per month
  Larger offices $ 37 per sq ft
True cost is $6.90 per square foot including conference room, break room and waiting room

DSL Internet Access $10 per month per office    

Telephone Answering
(if available)
$120 per month per line
$10 per month - per phone set - use of phone equipment only
  Use of phone equipment
Taking messages
Transferring calls

Copy Machine 5¢ per copy   Use of copy machine
White or ivory paper
Service contract

Fax Machine Option 1 - $25 per month
Option 2 - 50¢ per page sent or received
(user must maintain log)
Plus any long distance charges incurred
  Use of fax machine
Local phone line

Coffee Pool $20 per month - first person
$10 per month each additional employee
  Coffee, sweetener, and creamer
Iced tea
Purified water
Soft drinks for clients only (Tenants must
use vending machine)

Word Processing $15 per hour for actual time spent   Word processing time
Use of our equipment

Additional notes:
1. One or more phone lines may be run directly into any office at the tenant’s expense.
2. Office rent rates assume a minimum six month lease.
3. All office charges are due on the 1st of each month. A 5% late charge is assessed if not paid by the 19th.
    Office rent is paid in advance. All other charges are billed in arrears.

For more info, please contact Keila at 785-266-8333.

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